1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1, Custom SEMA Promotion for AMSOIL

For 2016 Amsoil decided to build a very special muscle car to commemorate their 44 years in business. They wanted a true muscle car from 1972 (the year they started in business), so they selected the legendary Ford Mach 1 Mustang. This car had to be really special so they contracted Gizmos Hot Rods out of Minnesota to build and modify the car.

Here is what they did:

– High Performance 351 V8
Rebuilt the stock 351 Cleveland with a myriad of special, performance components. The result was 437 HP and 428 Lb/Ft of Torque. This gives it great performance and with a 10:1 compression ratio, it can run on standard pump gas.

– Special 4 wheel disc brakes
Wilwood brakes and related components were installed. This included 4 piston calipers with drilled and slotted rotors on all four corners. They also used the special Wilwood master cylinder and accessories to be sure that car would stop on a dime.

– Afco Suspension Components
Handling has come a long way in 44 years. Afco upgraded components were added to both the front and rear to help the driver feel comfortable and safe. These upgrades also allow for better handling at higher speeds.

– Fuel System upgrades
A completely fresh fuel delivery system including a special electric fuel pump has been installed. This will be sure to provide the engine with a reliable and ample stream of fuel.

– Rear Gear and Posi
With a fresh set of gears and locking positraction unit, the Mustang can lay down rubber properly. It will also improve the traction and handling on any road.

– Headers and hand built stainless steel exhaust
The entire exhaust was custom engineered to maximize performance and sound great. They TIG welded and ceramic coated the entire system. It looks amazing.

– Shelby Wheels and Cooper Tires
The addition of Shelby aluminum wheels with low profile Cooper tires give it a great look while delivering superior road holding performance.

Additional special features include:
– Custom paint and stripes
– Functional Ram Air Hood
– Air conditioning
– Tilt steering wheel
– Power Steering
– Automatic Transmission
– Aluminum finned valve covers
– AMSOIL fluids and lubricants

A series of videos were produced that show the build of this car. Here is a link for you to view them:

The car was awarded to the lucky sweepstakes winner at the SEMA show in 2016. Due to various circumstances, the award winner cannot keep the car, so its available to you.