1949 MGTC Roadster

This is a Fabulous Example of an extremely rare MGTC (EXU).

Feedback from the important American market led MG to develop this special model for sale to the U.S. Beginning with car number 7380 in December 1948 and produced “as needed” throughout 1949 only 494 were produced — less than 5% of all MG TC production.

Such cars were recognized under the coding “EXU” (for export unit) and stamped “EXU” on the chassis number on the guarantee plate.

In addition, they included the following improvements:

–  Full-width bumpers, front and rear (allegedly for the way “women parked in the United States!”).

–  Central MG medallion on rear bumper (some suggest one of the rarest items of any MG, since the medallion was only installed on the 494 EXU units).

–  Two Lucas Windtone horns mounted under the bonnet instead of the badge bar. (Because of the harsh U.S. winters)

–  Steering wheel in gold pearl finish instead of black.

–  Rear number-plate mounted centrally above the rear bumper with Lucas number/license plate lamps above it.

–  Lucas type S.700 headlamps.

–  Lucas type 482-1 stop and tail lamps mounted on each side at the top of the petrol tank.

–  Laminated (versus toughened) windshield glass.

–  Badge bar, fog lamp and external horn deleted.

–  No”Thirtilite,” but two map reading lamps.

–  Rear-view mirror above dashboard.

–  Flashing directional indicator (turn signal) switch with built-in warning lamp in place of inspection lamp socket.

–  High-beam warning lamp (versus fog lamp switch).

–  Instrument panel rearranged:
Ammeter and oil gauge mounted in center
Ignition and lighting switch on the outside left
Horn push and dip switch on right.
This particular example has been lovingly restored by its owner of 42 years. Although the car was restored many years ago, it presents as fresh as if the work was completed only a few years ago. The car has only traveled 372 miles since the completion of the restoration. It runs and drives as new. It starts instantly, idles smooth and quiet, accelerates as it should (these are not rocket ships), shifts effortlessly and sounds great!

The paint finish is bright and shiny. The underside is as beautiful as the top side. The finishes of both paint and powder coat look fantastic and the stainless steel exhaust gleams.

The convertible top is in excellent condition, but shows a minor amount of soiling at the bows. The full set of side curtains are in fantastic condition as is the top boot.

The chrome is bright and shiny.

Even the LOW FUEL light on the instrument panel works correctly.

This car was shown and won its class at the prestigious Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance.

Unfortunately, the original air cleaner has been misplaced and therefore, the car is being sold without it (unless we locate it before the end of the sale).

This is a rare opportunity to own a truly great example of a rare and desirable classic.