1948 Tucker ’48 Sedan (Continuation)

Preston Tucker and his revolutionary car took the American car market by storm. The Tucker ’48 was an overnight sensation attracting huge crowds everywhere it showed up. People rushed to buy accessories that would get them a place in line for a car. Dealers flooded Tucker with requests to buy a dealer franchise. This was no surprise when you consider the array of features that this car had. These features included:

Aluminum, opposed, 6 cylinder engine with 167hp and 390b.ft. of torque.

4 wheel independent suspension.

Torsilastic, rubber torsion bar suspension. (no springs)

4 speed manual, electric pre-select transmission.

Safety crash compartment.

Padded dash board.

Pop out safety glass windshield.

Reversible seat cushions.

Aircraft style doors cut into the roof line.

20 MPG.

Top speed of 130 mph.

Rear engine for improve traction.

Lowered, step down floor for lower center of gravity.

And the most recognized feature… the center headlight that lights your way into a turn!

Only 51 of these incredible cars were produced and today 47 still exist. The majority of them are in major museums, such as The Henry Ford Museum, The Peterson Museum and the Nethercutt Museum. Their amazing attributes along with a storied history have made these the most valuable, postwar American sedan of all time!

This beautiful Tucker was constructed by Classic and Exotic Restorations of Troy Michigan using authentic Tucker components and drive train. The chassis was factory built for the purpose of testing the Tuckermatic transmission. The front clip originated from Tucker #1018. That car suffered severe damage in a side collision in the early 1950s. Other parts donors included Tucker #1027 which was rolled at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during endurance testing by the Tucker Corporation and parts from the unfinished body shell of #1055. The engine, Y1 transmission and numerous other parts came from the Stan Gilland collection. This collection of parts was held for many years by various car collectors with the intention of assembling it all to build a Tucker car. In 2013 It all came together in the talented hands of Brian Joseph at Classic and Exotic Restoration.

The result is a beautifully built Tucker that was constructed from genuine Tucker parts. Great attention to detail was paid to maintaining authenticity in presentation and function. The car has the correct Torsilastic rubber suspension along with the late style Tucker suspension. The 335ci engine is an early example and its mated to the Tucker Y1, 4 speed, pre-select transmission. The interior is correct wool broadcloth in the authentic Tucker stitch pattern. The instruments, switches and controls are all proper and function correctly.

This is a excellent, historically important automobile that is the center of attention at any event it attends. In 2015 it won its class at the Concours of America at St Johns in Plymouth Michigan. This car presents a unique opportunity to own a Tucker for half the cost of a factory built example.