1946 Delahaye 135M Cabriolet by Graber

1946 Delahaye 135M Cabriolet by Graber


Beautiful Coach-built Classic

Color:  Oxford Blue

Engine No: 800320

Chassis No: 800320

Swiss coachbuilder Graber, produced designs for a variety of chassis including Bugatti, Talbot, Hotchkiss and Delahaye. Considered to be the finest Swiss coachbuilder, Graber’s work is noted for his ability to integrate high wing lines, while not making the car appear massive. Cars fitted with custom bodywork by Graber were characterized by rounded, organic shapes.

In 1946, Hermann Graber created this elegant Drophead coupe in his Wichtrach workshop, close to Bern. It was one of two cars in a small series by Graber and thought by many to be one of his most successful designs on a Delahaye chassis. Its smooth lines and rounded volumes make it a stylist’s dream. The body speaks for itself without depending on excess chrome or molding for embellishment.

Delahaye introduced the 135 M, which offered a slightly larger engine with improved horsepower and was offered with a choice of single, dual, or triple carburetors. The 135 proved to more than hold its own in competition, as it swept the top six places at Marseilles.

Following the conclusion of the war, production of the Type 135 resumed and continued with the same 3.6-liter engine used before the war. By this time, the company was nearing its end, as the French government had placed large taxes on cars with displacement over three liters. Even today, six decades after the final Delahaye was produced, the famous 135-series cars remain very highly regarded as some of the most compelling French automobiles ever produced.

The Motorcar Offered:

The first owner of this car was well known Swiss banker Maurice Labhardt. An avid collector, having owned numerous important, mostly prewar, cars (Bugatti, Mercedes 540 K, Lancia Lambda, Ferrari etc.), Labhadrt is also recorded as a founding member of the Swiss Bugatti Owners Club. After his death, the car remained in professional storage until the second owner, Dr. Jürgen Heer of the Rothschild Bank, bought it in the mid-1980s and owned it until 1994. At that point, Heer sold his entire collection, some 70 cars, to Swiss car dealer Lukas Huni.

In June 1994, the car was purchased by Prof. Dr. Norbert Reuter. Dr. Reuter subjected this car to a meticulous restoration by Richard Gorman at Vantage Motorworks of Miami, Florida in 1998.  It was offered for sale at the Auto Salon & Auction in the Waldorf Hotel, New York City, in 1999 where was bought by its current owner.

Today, the car still presents beautifully. The graceful, flowing lines are emphasized by   beautiful paint, chrome and polished aluminum. Engine turned aluminum trim accents the door openings and gives way to the luxurious leather upholstery that envelopes the interior. The triple carbureted 3.6 liter engine was the most powerful offered by Delahaye and it performs flawlessly in this car. The special Cotal transmission works perfectly and gives the driver a unique and refined motoring experience.

The car has just completed a proper service, is fully sorted and ready to be shown and enjoyed by its new owner. Detailed document files are included. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exceptionally beautiful Cabriolet and with only a few ever produced, when will you have this chance again?