Nostalgic Motoring Videos

1963 Chrysler Turbine

Steve Lehto, Author/Car Enthusiast and Mark Lieberman from Nostalgic Motoring take an in depth look at the 1963 Chrysler Turbine. A history behind the car as well as various features and innovations.


Automotive Oddities: The Stout Scarab

Special reporter Steve Lehto and owner of Nostalgic Motoring, Mark Lieberman are back to give us a first-hand look at the incredibly rare, Stout Scarab. In the 1930’s this car was built and manufactured in Dearborn, MI by William Bushnell Stout. With less than ten cars of its kind in existence,The Scarab is a perfect example of when imagination meets ingenuity.


Cars of Tomorrow, The Tucker ’48

Author and special reporter Steve Lehto takes a first-hand look at a finely refurbished Tucker automobile. Owner of Nostalgic Motoring, Mark Lieberman, discusses the automobile’s history and how he became an owner of one of these fine vehicles. Join us as we learn about this car’s past and get a closer look.